Felix Rabin: From Swiss International Jazz Festival to Barnoldswick

Felix Rabin will be playing at the Music & Arts Centre in Barnoldswick, on Tuesday, October 8.
Felix Rabin will be playing at the Music & Arts Centre in Barnoldswick, on Tuesday, October 8.

Brittany raised singer, songwriter and guitarist will be playing at the Music & Arts Centre in Barnoldswick, on Tuesday, October 8.

23-year-old music star Felix Rabin grew up in France, Brittany and later moved to Switzerland where he has been living for 10 years with his family.

Loving music as long as he can recall, the desire to play came suddenly, when Félix picked up his first guitar at the age of 15.

He was inspired by musicians like Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan and Pink Floyd, and his style embodies these influences with inventive riffs, moody melodies and powerful guitar solos.

About his first steps in the music world, Felix said: “Since I was born, both of my parents raised me and my brother with music.
“We’ve always had a house full of instruments.
“I always loved the guitar, and even now I couldn’t tell you why.
"Back then, I had a guitar without strings but I had all the fun in the world to ”play” it.”

His first gig under his name was in 2015, and since then he has been playing everywhere he could, touring around France, playig several times at the Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland, in Germany and in the UK.

For a year, he played in London, “gigging around the city”. He particularly enjoyed playing for his British fans.

Felix said: “Playing in the UK for the first time was a very exciting moment for me.

“As most of the bands I have listened to come from England and USA, it is thrilling to play in front of audiences who have grown up with some of these bands and who were influenced by the musical culture of the country itself.”

After one year, he the chance to open a night at the legendary 100 Club on Oxford Street.

This has lead to more and more gigs in England and in 2018, Félix was “special guest” on the Wishbone Ash XLIX UK Tour.He played in front of more than 10,000 people at 28 venues across the country.

Felix admitted that his adventure with Wishbone Ash exceeded his expectations.

Given the positive response he has received after only a handful of appearances in this country, he says: “As a French guy, I really can feel that music is much more into the culture of English people.

“You can feel that Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin and all the other great ones come from here.”

With a pressing demand for an album, in June Felix travelled to studios in Los Angeles to record his debut EP, and his first album will be released early next year.

His first stand alone tour in April 2019 attracted music fans across the country, so he decided to revisit later in the year, playing several venues in Lancashire too.

On this, Félix said: “It was an incredible feeling to get back in some cities and to hear people coming to us saying they discovered us during our tour with Wishbone Ash.
“They absolutely wanted to see us again.
“So five months after our last tour, we’re more than excited to come back and play around the UK one more time, rocking time ahead.”

The Felix Rabin Band, From the Montreux International Jazz Festival to Barnoldswick. Barnoldswick Music & Arts Centre, 18-22 Rainhall Road. October 8, 2019.
Free entry, doors open at 7-30pm.