Thrifty fun at the budget bake-off

Parents who took part in the budget bake off
Parents who took part in the budget bake off
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Pennywise parents from Burnley went head-to-head in a budget bake off at Action for Children’s Burnley Wood Centre.

The competition was the culmination of a two-day Money Skills course, part of a national programme run by Barclays, in partnership with charity Action for Children, which helps families and young people with budgeting and finance.

Barclays volunteers lend their time and expertise to help young people learn more about budgeting, managing bank accounts and making informed financial decisions. The programme, part of Barclays’ commitment to 5 Million Young Futures, has helped 30,000 young people since 2006.

While the young mums and dads designed and decorated cakes, Action for Children employees and Barclays volunteers ran Money Skills sessions highlighting the benefits of home-prepared cooking over ready meals, how to shop for the best value and tips for sticking to a budget while planning a family Christmas.

Terri Hacking, Action for Children’s manager at Burnley Wood, said: “With so many products and financial traps around, getting into debt can cause huge strains on families; this is why reaching out with courses like these is so important. We enjoyed testing out the baked goods on the day too!”

Action for Children’s Burnley Wood Centre gives advice and support on a wide range of issues facing families to make their lives easier, healthier and happier.