TAKEAWAY REVIEW: Holloways Chippy, Briercliffe Road, Burnley

Holloway's Fish and Chip shop, Towneley Street.
Holloway's Fish and Chip shop, Towneley Street.

I NEVER thought a visit to the chippy could be a surreal experience but this one certainly was.

Leaving the office at 5-30 p.m. it was a bit wintry outside.

Arrive not many minutes later at Holloways Chippy on the corner of Briercliffe Road and Towneley Street, Burnley, in a complete white out of blizzard proportions!

Now every time I drive past this chippy with its distinctive Union Flag sign outside there are queues - sometimes out of the door - so I reckon it must be a cracker and one night a chippy tea will be on the menu and I will try it.

But choosing the night of the freak weather proved a bonus because once I got from my car through the elements to the shop it was really quiet.

However, I was a bit disconcerted when the first thing to catch my eye was a set of ornaments featuring Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. What connection did they have to the shop? The staff didn’t seem to know and as I am currently involved in a production of Snow White it seemed a bit unusual.

Anyway, less of surrealism and more about chips. I ordered fish and chips, steak pudding and chips, peas and curry sauce. And even after a 20-minute journey home and a minute in the microwave they were delicious. The fish was white and flaky with a thin and crispy batter so you got more fish and less batter. The steak pudding got the thumbs up and comments it was one of the best he had tasted for a long time - and the chips were lovely. The mushy peas were not stodgy, the curry sauce really tasty and the portions just right.

With quick service and more than £1 change from a tenner, a bargain tasty tea - but I’m still worried about those dwarfs! MP