REVIEW: What’s The Story with Kenank’s

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Noel Gallagher in Manchester was pretty special.

The burger I had in Kenank’s beforehand was pretty special too. So much so I decided to write a quick review comprised entirely of Oasis puns. A glorious waste of time? Some might say so, yes.

‘Hello’ came the greeting as we walked through the door where we were told that Monday night is two burgers and chips for a tenner night. ‘Hmm, I can see a liar’ I thought but I let it slide away.

The deal was in fact true and in the heat of the moment I called over the waitress. ‘Hey now, listen up’ I said, I would like that two burgers for a tenner deal.

After around 10 minutes the waitress brought it on down and as I had a quick peep at the burger and the roll with it I said ‘don’t go away Id like some garlic mayo please’. Little by little my big mouth made its way through the chips before taking on that meaty force of nature. Thirsty I joined part of the queue at the bar and ordered a couple of drinks.

As I left the table a better man I most certainly did not look back in anger. Full to bursting I managed to soldier on and make it to the car without falling down and onwards to a night of cigarettes and alcohol. Whatever your food preference, Kenank’s is certainly made of the right stuff.

- As we left Kenank’s “The Masterplan” came on. God’s honest truth.