Join in with National Baking Week!

Use the hashtag #LancsBakeOff and share your creations
Use the hashtag #LancsBakeOff and share your creations
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From Delia’s culinary delights to Paul Hollywood and the Great British Bake Off, the nation appears to have gove cake crazy in National Baking Week!

Inspired by TV chefs and enthusiastic amateurs, there’s a whole lot of baking going on across East Lancashire and we’d like to share your success stories ... or even help you improve your skills.

The British have always loved cake - we invented elevenses and afternoon tea - while bread is one of our most-eaten foods, with 12 million loaves sold in the UK daily and more than five million viewers regularly tune in to watch The Great British Bake Off.

We’re copying what we’re watching, too. Waitrose recently reported Bake Off had been whipping up demand for butter, sugar and flour, following an episode which saw contestants baking biscuits and pastry was also being snapped up.

In National Baking Week this week, Rich Amon who, with Eddie Lebeau, make up the Tattooed Bakers, says:

“Home baking had a resurgence with the recession, a time when we all wanted to be a bit more frugal.”

Show us what you’ve been baking using the hashtag #LancsBakeOff