Holland’s serving up some British Pie Week treats

Holland's Guinness Pie. (s)
Holland's Guinness Pie. (s)
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It’s British Pie Week and two of food and drink’s biggest names have joined forces.

East Lancashire’s Holland’s Pie has once again teamed up with Guinness, this time to bring out a new steak and Guinness pastry topped pie and a steak and Guinness pudding.

This unique range, following on from last year’s steak and Guinness pie, features the finest ingredients – with the unmistakable taste of Guinness beer.

The pastry topped pie offers slow cooked tender prime steak in a rich Guinness beer gravy, with carrots, parsnips, leeks and mushrooms; topped with a flaky pastry lid while the pudding features slow cooked prime steak, in a rich gravy infused with Guinness beer and steamed in Holland’s unique pastry case.

David Girdler, spokesman for Holland’s, said: “We wanted to create a new range of pies offering something new and different to the frozen pie category, this latest, exciting collaboration with Guinness does just that. Not only are we offering our customers a traditional quality range of pies and puddings, with the modern twist of being able to microwave from frozen, we are pairing that with the distinct unrivalled flavour of Guinness beer.”