Drink Review: Liquid gift ideas

Liquid gift ideas
Liquid gift ideas
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As autumn approaches thoughts turn to Christmas and present buying. And it seems to get harder every year.

But if its liquid gifts you are after, then look no further than Demijohn. This cleverly worked firm sells liqueurs, whiskies and speciality oils in the quantities you want and all wrapped up in fancy looking packaging.

With shops across Britain and an online one too, there is no excuse not to see what is the latest luxury on offer. The firm is the brainchild of Angus Ferguson and works on the basis of people filling up bottles with the liquids they want, which have been produced by artisan workers across the globe.

New lines in include a brandy or vodka tower, both being bottles which come apart to reveal three different tastes, from butterscotch cream liqueur and apricot brandy to organic rhubarb and lime or raspberry vodkas. A smart looking presentation box can be bought too, for that added luxury.

Female members of the family might enjoy Apotheker racks of five 40mls tasting bottles which include a selection of gins, vodkas, liqueurs or oils and vinegars all brought together in a handmade cherry wood rack.

The firm sells top of the range Scottish whiskies and cocktail mixers as well as oils and vinegars and hampers too, so there is no reason not to be spoilt!

Liquid gift ideas come courtesy of www.demijohn.co.uk/gift-ideas/gifts