A refreshing stout that is well worth a gold medal

Mark Briggs
Mark Briggs
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This month, I felt obliged to highlight the “gold medal” winner at the recent Burnley Beer Festival.

Local brewer Reedley Hallows landed this accolade with their New Laund Dark stout.

This ebony ale has been very popular in the area’s pubs and clubs since its introduction a few months ago.

This full bodied 4.5abv stout is slightly sweet, and has a consistent smokey taste and aroma.

A smooth and easy drinking tipple – and it has a mildly spiced finish.

The tasting notes describe the stout as having “a smoked bitter finish”.

However, in my humble opinion, it has a subtle zest in the aftertaste, as opposed to a bitter one – making this stout surprisingly refreshing.

Another delicious and finely balanced beer, rolled out by brewer Pete Gouldsborough.

The Reedley Hallows Brewery goes from strength to strength.