Burnley grandma is leading light behind international UFO conference

For two weekends every year, Burnley housewife Laura Plumb-Sayers organises an event that attracts followers and speakers from across the world.

Laura Plumb Sayers is one of the organisers of the Phoenix Probe International conference that looks at UFOs and other unexplained mysteries
Laura Plumb Sayers is one of the organisers of the Phoenix Probe International conference that looks at UFOs and other unexplained mysteries

That event is the Phoenix Probe International conference that which embraces everything from UFOs to conspiracy theories, ghosts, spiritualism, crop circles, alien abduction, and many other unexplained mysteries.

Laura and her husband, Mike, both 63, have been involved with the conference for 30 years and took over the running of it a couple of years ago.

Laura, who lives in Rosegrove, said: "Found member Sam Wright recently lost his wife, Jean and as he now 86 he was looking for someone to take over the reins so we stepped in."

Laura took this photo of what she believes to be a UFO above Burnley looking towards Pendle Hill on June 28th this year.

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    The conference takes place twice a year in St Anne's and the next one is on Saturday and Sunday, September 15th and 16th.

    Attracting guest speakers from around the world the keynote speaker for this year is Mary Rodwell, who is British born and now lives in Australia

    A former registered midwife in UK, she is the founder of ACERN the Australian Close Encounters Research Network and is an international speaker and trained counsellor, hypnotherapist and Ufologist.

    She is a leading UFO researcher and contact phenomena specialist, she has personally researched and assisted in over 3000 contact experiences. She is also the author of two books on extra terrrestrial contact.


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    Laura said: "There is a great deal of interest and we have a lot of followers."

    Laura's interest in the subject was sparked as a child when she went through a number of unusual experiences but did not realise at the time that she was clairvoyant.

    She said: "A lot of things happened to me that I didn't understand, including seeing UFOs, and I was told to ignore them so I tried to because it was quite scary."

    Laura has lived in several countries, including New Zealand and South Africa, and it was only when she dreamed about a dreadful accident where a bus packed with schoolchildren went over a cliff....the day before it happened, that she decided to embrace the gift she had.


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    She said: "The dream was so vivid and real and I kept seeing the faces of these two children so clearly.

    "I felt panicky and anxious as if they were my own.

    "When I saw accident on the news the next day I dropped the tray of food I was carrying."

    After that Laura began to read and research about spiritualism and ufology and she has a book packed with photographs of UFOs she has spotted over the years.


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    She said: "There are a lot of people who do believe in this and I think people should have more open minds about it."

    Laura, who has two children and one grandson, is also a qualified massage aromatherapist, past life regression and meditation teacher. She has also taught children with special needs and is an ex nursery teacher.

    Other speakers at this year's conference include Tony Topping who will speak about UFO experiences with a maritime flavour.

    Brian Halliwell will uncover the truth behind historical myths, tales and stories and ex police officer Michael Feeley uses his investigation and training skills to decipher and reveal the great ancient mysteries of our time, from Atlantis and Lemuria to the heads of Easter Island and Stonehenge.


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    For more information about the conference or to get tickets contact the inquiries hotline 07979 333600. Tickets are £26 for a day or £47 for both days and you can pay on the door.