VIDEO: Weavers’ Triangle work reaches new heights

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A HEAD for heights was definitely needed as work to restore one of the Weavers’ Triangle chimneys to its former glory got underway.

Brickwork inside the top of the 110ft. Slater’s Terrace and Warehouse chimney needs building back up and the red steel bands around it are being replaced.

Steeplejack John Warburton is carrying out the work and Weavers’ Triangle project engineer Paul Sowden and Andrew Braithwaite, from Dale Contractors, scaled the side of the chimney to see first hand the job being done.

Mr Sowden said: “When it’s finished it will look as good as new. Obviously the work is weather dependent but we’re hoping it’ll be finished within three to four weeks.

“The inside of the chimney is actually lined with brick and the top three metres have started to fall apart a little bit so that needs building back up.

“The kit being used to bend the steel bands is actually the same piece of equipment that was used to bend the original ones many years ago, only motorised.”

Renovation work on the chimney forms a small part of the wider regeneration work currently happening within the Weavers’ Triangle.

Mr James Warnock, Weavers’ Triangle project manager, said the potential of the area was huge and once finished would make a big difference to the town.

“We’re hoping that in the next few weeks we will have a private sector developer signed up who will get the buildings fully refurbished and back into use.”