VIDEO: Burnley “lucky 13” charity tattoo challenge success

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AN INK-CREDIBLE charity challenge at a Burnley tattoo shop showed “13” was lucky for some.

Jason Kershaw did a 13-hour long tattoo-athon at Skin Fantasy on Friday 13th - a day considered cursed by the superstitious.

Skin fantasy Burnley Jolene Smyth

Skin fantasy Burnley Jolene Smyth

But body art fans deem the digits lucky and Jason wanted to give his customers the chance to get the number 13 tattooed on their skin.

Spookily 113 people turned up for tattoos at the “13 for £13” event which raised money for the Sophie Lancaster Foundation.

Jason explained the significance of “lucky” number 13, saying: “Originally, in the olden days people got tattoos purely to be a rebel. Thirteen was considered to be an unlucky number but they adopted it to be a lucky number, obviously being rebellious and it has become synonymous with being lucky for people.

“Every Friday 13th it has become a tradition to do ‘13 for £13’ but we thought we would do it for charity this time.”

Skin Fantasy prepared dozens of designs containing the number 13 – including dice, skulls and Roman numerals.

Customers came from as far as Leeds and Liverpool for the “13 for £13” event and had tattoos everywhere – from head to toe.

Jolene Smyth (31) from Nelson, even had the name “Sophie” tattooed on the sole of her foot to help raise money for charity.

The event helped raise £1,860 for the Sophie Lancaster Foundation.