Retired Burnley nurse writes science fiction stories

CREATIVE: Mary Joyce Baxter (s)
CREATIVE: Mary Joyce Baxter (s)
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A RETIRED nurse and midwife from Burnley has delved deep into her imagination to produce a collection of science-fiction and fantasy stories.

Mary Joyce Baxter, of Lindale Crescent, has produced 28 tales for her latest work, “Flights of Fantasy”, a book focused on “Journeys into unknown worlds”.

The author, who left school at 14 and later obtained an honours degree in psychology from The Open University, looks at a wide range of topics and ideas in her collection of stories, some of which are probable, and some of which are not.

Mary, who spends her spare time in her garden and writing, said: “When I look back over the changes that have happened since the end of the Second World War, I realise that things that would have seemed improbable before then have now become realities.

“Because of this, perhaps the events in these stories are not as far-fetched as they seem at first.

“Since I was a small child, I have used my imagination to create stories and these topics have allowed me to use my creativity to write stories such as these.

“Over the years, I have allowed inspiration to run freely and these stories are the result.”

Mary is also the author of her autobiography “The Past Recaptured”, a book of poetry “The Water Under the Bridge” and “Prickly Tales”.

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