More tales of life in old Burnley

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Story teller Mervyn Hadfield’s tales of Lancashire life have gone round the world.

He compiled a CD of his memories of growing up in Burnley two years ago, and now Mervyn has put a collection of ten of his latest stories for his second release, “My Second Slice of Lancashire”.

Mervyn Hadfield Burnley

Mervyn Hadfield Burnley

Born near Westgate in Burnley, Mervyn had to leave the area to find work. He spent 20 years in London, and, although he loved city life, he always knew he would return to his roots.

On retirement he came back to Burnley and now devotes much of his time writing about the characters and places of his early years, and performing his stories and poems to groups throughout East Lancashire.

“I never thought I spoke with a dialect until I went to London,” said Mervyn, of Printers Fold. “But I’m not a dialect writer, I just speak Lancashire, and the stories lend themselves to be listened to.”

His new CD is illustrated with photographs by Eddie Green and the cover features a ‘50s photograph of the long-gone Mitre corner, near to where he grew up.

For more details about how to buy one for £5 email or ring 779988.