Library staff spot Nelson sex offender on public computer

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A convicted sex offender was jailed for 12 months for breaching a sex offender prevention order by using a computer in a public library.

Russell Wilkinson, of Fir Street, Nelson, was recognised by staff at Burnley Central Library. He told them he was there with a friend who had learning difficulties, helping him to copy some music on to a memory stick.

The court was told Wilkinson was subject to a life-long sex offences prevention order after being jailed for having indecent photographs. He had previously breached the same order.

It was said on his behalf that Wilkinson was on the verge of being autistic but was doing community work.

Sentencing, Judge Beverly Lunt said it was speculation as to whether or not Wilkinson would have attempted to download material, and that it was only due to the diligence of the library staff that he had been stopped.