Librarian Lynn swops books for abstract paintings

Lynn Hall, who worked at Brierfield Library. (S)
Lynn Hall, who worked at Brierfield Library. (S)
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Lynn Hill has switched from the life of a quiet librarian to using her skills on loud, abstract paintings.

Lynn (62) was a librarian for 20 years and was the library manager at Brierfield Library for six years.

She retired and decided to pursue her dream at the University Centre at Blackburn College by completing a BA (Hons) Fine Art (Integrated Media) degree - although she admitted they were really her dad’s dreams.

“My dad was a water colourist and was really into art,” said Lynn. “As he was the eldest of a large family he was expected to go out and work and so he didn’t have time to do what he wanted.

“In fact, his youngest brother ended up pursuing an art career and I always thought it should have been my dad!

“So I wanted to do this for him, really. I wanted to do what he would have wanted to do.”

Blackburn College are holding adult open days to try and encourage people to make use of the education on their doorstep to change their lives, and Lynn would recommend it.

She said: “I would advise anyone to give it a go. It isn’t easy – there is a lot of research and I had to learn about using computers, but it has been more than worth it for me. I have thoroughly enjoyed it.”

The adult open days are at the Beacon Centre on the campus on Monday, July 7th and Tuesday, July 8th, from 10-30am to 7pm, as well as Wednesday, July 9th, and Thursday, July 10th from 10-30am to 3pm.

For more information on courses at Blackburn College and UCBC go to: