Death knell for Mickey Mouse?

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A giant graffiti mural of Mickey Mouse in Burnley which attracted more than 100,000 “likes” on social media site Instagram could be painted over.

The 50ft artwork, spray-painted on the side of the Loft Bar, won thousands of fans around the globe when it appeared on Disney’s official page.

Mickey Mouse.'Photo Ben Parsons

Mickey Mouse.'Photo Ben Parsons

The painting on the Bull Street club, create by world-renowned graffiti artist Aroe, has become a town centre landmark – but also continues to divide public opinion.

Now owners are considering whether to save the controversial street art – or wipe it off the wall for good.

Mr Jimmy Nelson, who owns the building, said: “Everyone keeps asking what is happening to the Mickey Mouse on the wall. It has become a landmark. I do not know whether it is liked or disliked in the town and I want to find out. It is quite a striking piece of art. People may see it one way or the other – I am sure some people think it looks terrible and it needs to go immediately but others like it.

“It would be good to hear what people think and whether it should stay or go.”

Mickey Mouse.'Photo Ben Parsons

Mickey Mouse.'Photo Ben Parsons

The painting, which appeared on the side of the club last summer, features the Disney character and a disco ball underneath. National food chain Greggs have a picture of the Mickey Mouse artwork up in their Burnley store alongside other prominent features in the town.

The unique piece has created a talking point among people in Burnley.

Kev Ashworth, of Burnley, said: “Some public art is OK. But it doesn’t do anything for that building – none at all. I think it should go.”

Gail Marsden, of Browhead Road, said: “I doesn’t bother me. I just don’t understand it. I get the ghetto blaster but not the Mickey Mouse – there is no relevance to it.” Gabby Wright (18) of Barrowford, said: “I think it is cool. It is unique. You don’t see anywhere else with a huge Mickey Mouse on the side of a building. I think they should keep it.”

John Hanson (67) said: “There are a lot of people who like graffiti. I like Mickey Mouse’s face but I think the bottom bit looks horrible.”

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