Burnley student’s jewellery showcased at London Fashion Week

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A BURNLEY student and talented jewellery-maker has had his work showcased at London Fashion Week.

Former Blessed Trinity pupil Tyler Kearney, who is in Year 13 at St Mary’s College in Blackburn, has produced his own brand of vintage clock-inspired jewellery called Scogs.

Some of the jewellery made by Tyler Kearney (s)

Some of the jewellery made by Tyler Kearney (s)

Each piece in the collection, which includes rings, bracelets, necklaces and cufflinks, is designed and hand-crafted from vintage clocks and clock parts.

Due to the eye-catching and unique designs, a shop in Burnley, Artisan Vintage Boutique, has started selling some of the items.

Shop owner Carrie-Ann Kay took a selection of the jewellery down to London where they attracted attention from style gurus, including pop singer Kate Nash.

Tyler currently has an agent who is taking his jewellery further afield to other small gift and boutique shops around the country and he is aiming to make more designs for the autumn/winter collection for London Fashion Week.