Burnley author’s book signing this weekend

Alison Taft (s)
Alison Taft (s)
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Burnley-born author Alison Taft is holding a book signing in town to celebrate the release of her second novel “Shallow Be Thy Grave”.

Alison will be at WHSmith in Charter Walk on Saturday from 11am.

She wrote her first novel, “Our Father, Who Art Out There...Somewhere”, following a frustrating and fruitless search for her birth father, who left the family home the day she was born.

“At the back of my mind was always the thought that the first book might be a way of making contact, of letting him know how much it hurt not to have any kind of relationship with him,” Alison said. “The book is fiction but reflects life. Not knowing your family is something you have to grieve. This was a theme I wanted to explore. But it retains the dark humour and, I hope, the eternal optimism of its predecessor, ‘Our Father’.”

While it is the second in the series, the novel works as a stand-alone read. “When I finished ‘Our Father’, I found myself missing the characters, particularly Lily and her best mate Jo,” Alison said. “It was like I’d lost two of my friends. I kept wondering what they were up to.”

Since the publication of “Our Father”, Alison, who writes under the name of AJ Taft, has been teaching creative writing and tutoring retreats for aspiring novelists. She is currently at work on the third in the series, “Thy Time Has Come”.

“Shallow Be Thy Grave” is available in paperback and eBook formats.