Book Review: The Wombles gift book edition

The Wombles gift book edition
The Wombles gift book edition
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Forty odd years ago The Wombles bounced onto the scene. And its testament to author Elisabeth Beresford’s wonderful writing, that the books are still popular today.

Beresford died a few years ago in her adopted home of Alderney in The Channel Islands and it was during a visit there that my two children Ruaridh (6) and Flora (3) were introduced to the loveable characters.

Now they can’t get enough of them and so they were excited to read The Wombles book. The story was the first of The Wombles books and introduces the stern, but kindly Great Uncle Bulgaria, Orinoco, Tobermory, Madame Cholet and Bungo.

This new updated book has been illustrated in full colour by Nick Price and is just as priceless now as it was when it was first written. Next stop for The Wombles, a television revival in 2015!

The Wombles gift book edition, by Elisabeth Beresford, illustrated by Nick Price, includes a audio cd read by Bernard Cribbins, released on November 7th, priced at £10.99 by