Book Review: The Long and Whining Road

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WE have all dreamed of it. Packing in work and taking off. But Simeon Courtie and his family did it for real!

Inspired by their bored daughters, Ella (15), Bethan (13) and Edie (10), Simeon and Jill took to the road in a camper van and embarked on a trip of a lifetime! The wonderfully inspired title signals you are in for a treat. And you are. The book is funny, creative and keeps you reading all night!

Simeon is a funny man in real life, writing jokes for television, so he has no problems entertaining you in the book, which sees the family endure drama after drama, all taken in their stride and with the sounds of The Beatles in the background. Strange, but truly hilarious!

The Long and Whining Road, by Simeon Courtie, £8.99, published by Log onto for more photos and videos of the journey.