Trixie Whitley - Porta Bohemica: Songs impressive in their diversity

The intriguingly named Porta Bohemica is actually the railway route between Germany and Austria, and Trixie Whitley has spent a lot of her 28 years travelling too.

The daughter of American rock musician Chris Whitley, Trixie was born in Ghent, Belgium, but was taken to New York as a child before returning to the country of her birth.

She was back in the Big Apple by the time she was 17 and has lived there ever since, honing her craft as a performer, DJ and musician.

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An accomplished drummer and keyboard player, she released her debut album, Fourth Corner in 2013 to critical acclaim. This, her second album, has seen her progress impressively as a composer and lyricist, the songs impressive in their diversity.

Opening track Faint Mystery gives little indication of the experimentation to come, but the album really kicks in on track three, Closer, with Hourglass and Witness underlining her burgeoning talent.