Toy Story 2017, the real cost for parents as the festive season closes in

As Christmas approaches parents will be gearing themselves up to have their pockets emptied as they fork out for the latest "must have" toys.

How much do you reckon you will be forking out for the the latest "must have" toys this Christmas?
How much do you reckon you will be forking out for the the latest "must have" toys this Christmas?

And if you have children to buy for, expect to shell out £83 per top gift, including one of the top predicted toys for this year, Luvabella.

But if you think that is a lot, spare a thought for parents in 1991, the year of the Gameboy, which saw them having to fork out £70 for the must have gift which works out at £176 in today's money.

New analysis and research by discount voucher site, MyVoucherCodes, has looked at the original retail prices of top Christmas toys from 1980 to the present day.

The research also shows that so far the 2010s were £25 more expensive than the noughties for top Christmas presents.

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    Data was analysed by looking at each “Toy of the Year”, as decided by the Toy Retailers’ Association.

    Taking an average price of the predicted top 10 toys this Christmas, including Luvabella and Paw Patrol, this year is likely to cost parents around £83 per top gift – suggesting that 2017 is not going to buck the trend of presents requiring a greater investment.

    With the exception of the Gameboy in 1991, pre-Millennium top toys rarely went above £30.

    The lower costs were largely attributed to the 80s and 90s obsessions with action figures – Power Rangers, Barbies, WWF (as it was known in 1992) and more, all costing a tenner or less.


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    Today, technology-based toys top wish lists of children across the UK. On average, our current decade is £25 more expensive than the noughties, predicted to cost £59.63 compared to £34.25.

    Chris Reilly, Managing Director of MyVoucherCodes commented: “We all have a Christmas present, or two, from our childhood that is firmly etched in our memories, having been played with until parts started falling off.

    “While today’s toys certainly cost more than the Power Rangers and Rubik’s cubes of yesteryear, hatch a plan to save money this Christmas by searching around for the best deals."

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