Tears and laughter at Rossendale Players' latest production

Tears and laughter are expected at the latest production from The Rossendale Players.

Thursday, 5th March 2020, 10:22 am
Updated Thursday, 5th March 2020, 10:23 am
Alexandra Kennedy (Dolores), Rachel Grace (Norma), Holly Boland (Mary) and Rheanna Thomas (Queenie).
Alexandra Kennedy (Dolores), Rachel Grace (Norma), Holly Boland (Mary) and Rheanna Thomas (Queenie).

"Be My Baby", by British playwright Amanda Whittington, focuses on the emotive subject of young women falling pregnant out of wedlock in the 1960s and how society, and thier own families, viewed them.

It's 1964. Four girls, aged 17 to 20, all have one thing in common. They are each going to give birth to a baby. Their respective parents have arranged for them to spend time in a hostel for unmarried expectant girls.

They are very unsure of what the future holds, but one thing they do know is that, when they return to their family homes, their babies will not be with them. The girls soon become great friends - each of them receiving loyalty, protection and support from the other three.

How will the girls escape their miserable, nightmare existence, which has now become their lives during the remaining few months?

The answer - they will learn to have fun and to sing together, each escaping their own experience, and living in a fantasy existence, as members of their favourite sixties' girl groups.

Performances are from Saturday March 21st to Saturday March 28th (excluding Monday) at the New Millennium Theatre, Burnley Road East, Waterfoot.

For more information visit https://rossendaleplayers.org.uk/