Rip-roaring comedy at The Grand with Britain's Got Talent TV star

Britain's Got Talent star Daliso Chaponda will get your chuckle muscles wobbling for a rip-roaring comedy show at the Grand.

Friday, 8th March 2019, 10:07 am
Updated Friday, 8th March 2019, 10:18 am
Britains Got Talent star Daliso Chaponda will get your chuckle muscles wobbling for a rip-roaring comedy show at the Grand, Clitheroe. (s)

The Malawian funny man was a surprise star of the 2017 Britain’s Got Talent, with his cheeky gags about life as an African in the UK.

“When I came here people were going on about the financial crisis, the banks and all the money stuff,” said Daliso, who tops the bill at the Clitheroe Comedy Club on Friday, March 22nd.

“I’m from Africa, and I thought, ‘What on earth are they all taking about?

“If this is a crisis, where’s the UN, where’s Bono?

“You can tell me it’s a crisis when they’re flying planes over Manchester dropping fish and chips out of the window.”

With his quick-fire Eddie Murphy delivery, Chaponda says he expected very little when he landed an audition slot for Britain’s Got Talent.

But the video of his opening act picked up 9million viewers on YouTube and a TV star was born.

The audience gave him a standing ovation and Amanda Holden, one of the judges, hit the golden buzzer, sending him through to the semi-finals, which he won.

“It was completely surreal, because I’d been playing little clubs and struggling to make ends meet a few months earlier,” he added.

“I talk about some pretty crazy subjects and people seemed to enjoy that.”

Chaponda was born in Zambia after his parents fled Malawi.

His father worked for the United Nations, which meant Chaponda lived in Zambia, Kenya and Somalia.

He said: “It was a mad, colourful world – which is why it often comes up in my jokes.”

Al Lubel will have you rolling in the aisles too.

The American lawyer turned stand-up has appeared on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno in America, and supported Jerry Seinfeld, who said: “Al told me one of the best jokes I have ever heard.”

South African Mark Palmer completes the exciting international bill at the Grand.

Palmer’s loud and opinionated, but his slice of life comedy can make you laugh without having to pepper his routine with expletives.

Clitheroe Comedy Club, Friday, March 22nd: Daliso Chaponda, Al Lubel, Mark Palmer with MC Tony Vino.

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