Lily & Madeleine - Keep It Together: Delights with each listen

This third album from the Indianapolis sisters builds on an ethereal, introspective indie folk style displayed previously on their eponymous 2013 debut and the follow-up, Fumes.

Monday, 29th February 2016, 2:00 pm
Lily & Madeleine - Keep It Together

Not Gonna is a gentle yet bitter-sweet opening track, followed by For The Weak which ups the pace a little with one of the more instantly catchy guitar-pop melodies on the album.

Chicago has a dreamy feel, almost like riding through the city itself in the small hours of the morning.

Hourglass is a great example of confident, polished pop and illustrates how their song-writing skills are quickly gaining maturity.

Smoke Tricks combines floating strings and relaxed, simple percussion whilst Midwest Kid starts with delicious guitar and bounces along with fun and energy.

Small Talk seems quite laid-back at first, but there's an edgier, almost soft-grunge feel in there too which is also evident on the final track, Nothing.

Keep It Together isn't an immediate attention grabber, but as with much of the best and most enduring music, it seems to evolve and reveal more delights with each listen.