Guitar Hero Live: A rock monster that will grip you and never let you go!

As a kid I always wondered what I wanted to be when I grow up as does any kid. Policeman, fireman, binman, and hell I even considered being an astronaut!

Wednesday, 28th October 2015, 6:00 am

But ever since my love for music came around, I wanted to be a rock star. The fame, the fans, lights and smoke. I wanted it all but I was far from talented enough to live my dream. Well now you kind of can, no previous experience needed. FreeStyleGames have took the music game that started it all and revolutionised the way we play and the beautiful people at Activision have allowed me to experience it first-hand.

Guitar Hero Live is here and it’s brought some unique new features that makes you remember that Guitar Hero is the king of the music genre. I strapped up, connected my guitar and it was time to tune up. The mandatory tutorial takes you backstage at a show where a guitar tech shows you the ropes cleverly disguised as a pre-show last minute tune up. After I got shown the new layout and new notes, it was time to rock!

Before I get to the magnificent gameplay, let me tell you about the new guitar controller. Although it’s the same size and shape as the old Les Paul Guitar Hero controllers, gone is the five coloured fret buttons. Instead we have three white and three black buttons in two rows. This layout allows you to perform intricate yet deceivingly simple chords without stretching that pinkie. This huge change revolutionises Guitar Hero Live in a huge way whilst keeping the original strum-as-the-notes-come-towards-you formula.

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There are only two modes here but one will take over your life. Firstly, Guitar Hero Live’ career mode is a series of shows set in various locations. What is unique about these is they are recorded entirely from the first person perspective. The roaring sometimes mental crowd, your band members around you and those lights and smoke we sorely desired when we were kids are all here looking at you. They are dynamic. Their reactions to you is reflected from how bad or good you play. Miss a few notes and you will be heckled. Your fellow band members will look at you like you farted at a funeral and the crowd will boo you and demand that you shape up. Hit notes consecutively and you will be a bonified superhero.

The second mode deserves its own paragraph. GHTV mode is a special online only mode that is arranged like a music channel on our TV’s. Randomised music videos of popular bands and acts play continuously allowing you to drop in at any time to play along. Completing songs earn you experience which levels you up granting rewards such as Play tokens and in-game currency to spend on more calling cards, note paths and more. Play tokens allow you to play a single song of your choosing from the entire music library which is constantly updated and you go into it by using the new GHTV button on the guitar controller. Let me tell you, this mode is addictive. Dangerously so! It’s hard to complete a song without wondering what’s next which comes with a strange pull making you want to play it. At the moment, there are only two channels available but with more, this mode could take over your life. Especial with the massive music library. Popular acts such as Katy Perry, Rihanna and Eminem mix in with Judas Priest and Fall Out Boy so there is flavour here for everyone.


The new fret button layout revolutionises the way we play.

GHTV mode is dangerously addictive.

The first person viewpoint is exhilarating.

Massive track list constantly updating.

The new notes and chords make you feel like a true rock star.


Guitar Hero Live punches us in the face and shows us why it is the best music game in existence. With its new fret button layout, first person viewpoint and that amazing GHTV mode, FreeStyleGames have created a rock monster that will grip you and never let you go!