Gaming: RealFlight 7.5

Flying is easy, fun and no-risk with RealFlight from Great Planes, a revolutionary RC flight simulator for Windows computers.

Thursday, 16th October 2014, 9:00 pm

It’s a realistic, user-friendly and affordable RC flight sim that allows total beginners to learn and more experienced RC pilots to hone their flying skills, all from the comfort of your armchair. Perfect for rainy days, if you want to advance to the next skill level, practice aerobatics or maybe fancy a switch from fixed-wing aircraft to helicopters or multi-rotors, all without risking the actual model! RealFlight 7.0 features incredible graphics and uses RealPhysics™ software to give you a flying experience that’s as close to real as possible. You can virtual-fly each model as if from the ground or actually in the cockpit. There are over 120 flying machines and 40 flying sites to choose from, multi-player options, air combat, rewind/reset functions to review your flights and quickly get flying again after any mishap, plus much, much more.

With three versions on offer, there’s something to cater to everyone. Choose from the Interlink™ Elite Controller version that includes a dedicated 8-channel transmitter, perfect for the beginner, RealFlight 7.0 Transmitter version that includes a fully functional Tactic TTX600 6-channel transmitter for those who intend getting into actual RC flying and RealFlight 7.0 Interface, for those who already own their own transmitter and want to try out the best RC sim on the market. There’s even a downloadable RealFlight App that allows you to sample the RealFlight experience before you buy!

Launching this month, RealFlight 7.5 adds a further 10 aircraft to the mix including more fixed-wing and the newest multi-rotor platforms, a Pilot Challenge that showcases multi-rotor models and Virtual Flight Instructor. Plus RealFlight 7.5 is free to download for all RealFlight 7.0 owners.

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