Game Review: WWE 2K14

Can you smell what Yukes and 2k Sports is cooking?

Well we can, WWE 2k14 is what’s cooking which I can easily label the best wrestling game available. It has a breath taking amount of content jam packed into it with 144 superstars past and present and stacks of match types and modes and an amazing create mode. “30 Years of Wrestlemania” mode takes players through every key match of every single Wrestlemania event which is a fantastic educational trip of memory lane.

Every match in this mode has key moments which trigger when certain objectives are completed, this makes matches brilliant recreations of events past. “The Streak” mode is a mode based on The Undertakers Wrestlemania undefeated streak.

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Players can either play as The Phenom to run a gauntlet of superstars which increase in difficulty a la survival mode or they can choose a superstar and try to defeat the Undertaker in a one on one match up, difference is, his difficulty is ramped up to the extreme. WWE Universe sports an improved rivalry system but remains the same with players able to create their own storylines and matches.

Gameplay is tweaked in WWE 2K14, the core gameplay remains untouched however weight sensitive run animations and a more sensitive reversal system makes the on screen action more immersive and balanced.

WWE 2K14 looks fantastic, each superstar is expertly crafted to look as realistic as possible and Yukes have passed this test with flying colours. Even oldies such as Randy Savage, Bret Hart and the Hulkster look incredibly realistic with their mannerisms and personalities nailed.


Yukes have created the best WWE game yet with an almost perfect wrestling experience. WWE 2k14 is a heartfelt love letter to fans with its fantastic “30 Years to Wrestlemania” mode and a massive roster, spanning WWE’s diverse history each with their own moves and animations. There’s nothing to fault here and whether you’re a wrestling fan or not, you will find something to enjoy here. And that’s the bottom line!

WWE 2K14

Developers: Yuke`s

Publishers: 2K Games


Playstation 3

Genre: Sport

Release date: 1st November 2013

Story – 4/5

Gameplay – 5/5

Graphics – 4.5/5

Overall – 5/5

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