Game review: The Corsaid Voyager GO

We have all been in this situation where we are busy snapping away with our fancy android phones marvelling in its sharpness and in awe of its selfie capabilities, when all of a sudden reality kicks in and you get the dreaded warning “No more memory”.

So what do you do? OK the more tech savvy have either bought a larger SD card or have on line cloud based storage, but what if none of this is available ? Well folks I have seen the future and it`s not garlic bread! in fact it comes in the form of the Corsair Voyager GO a brilliant little device (yes it is small) which has a mini and a standard USB connection on either end.

Available in 16, 32 and 64GB and measuring only 37mm X 12mm its easily portable and also easy to misplace fortunately Corsair have thought of that with a handy little key ring holder and an optional yellow cap so it`s easier to spot.

The advantage of this over the standard USB is the ability to move large files between devices without using a USB cable and it works brilliantly solving a long standing unaddressed problem.

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    The Corsair Voyager GO has 3.0 USB connectivity to a PC, and is pretty quick, I loaded a couple of large movie files onto this, and played them back on both my Android tablet and my TV both worked flawlessly.

    The down side to this device is it isn`t compatible with all phones and tablets so it’s advisable to check before you buy, again Corsair have thought of this with a handy device compatibility list on their site.


    The Corsair Voyager GO is a great device for moving large files between devices, write speed could be better but I am sure that will be addressed in the future, and when more devices become compatible with it this will become a more popular device, I have found that I use this device all the time now especially for watching movies etc on my tablet as it saves on time and is great as an additional external storage device.


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    Corsair Voyager GO

    Manufacturer: Corsair

    Price: 16GB (£16.00) 32GB (£25.00) 64GB (£45.00) Prices vary


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    Usability: 5/5

    Portability: 5/5

    Value for money: 5/5


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    Overall: 5/5