Game Review: Terraria for Playstation Vita

Terraria, developed and published by Re-Logic, is a Minecraft wannabe, in fact one would be forgiven to call this a Minecraft clone as it shares a lot of similarities with it.

It takes Minecraft and puts it in a 2 dimensional plane but this doesn’t hinder the possibilities. No real story here just create and build, you first design a 2d 16bit style avatar out of a wide range of hair styles, clothing and skin tones and then your dumped in a randomly generated world that is seemingly endless which acts as a canvas for your creativity. There is a tutorial which is simple to understand and explains how to make and gather materials, craft things, dig and fight. It kind of walks you to the starting line before you’re unleashed to build pretty much whatever you want.

You control your avatar along a side scrolling 2D plane; you can walk left and right and jump as well as having an action button which is dependent on whatever you have in your hands. If you have an axe, you can chop trees for wood or attack the randomly generated enemies which you will find wandering around, if you have a pickaxe, you can hack away at pretty much any solid material to make resources to help you create and build stuff. With the press of a button, you can access a window which allows you to craft a wide array of furniture if you have to correct materials, you can also kit out your avatar with things you find or make along your journey. There are tasks to do however such as defeating a particular enemy or boss, or finding a particular item, these reward you with NPC’s to occupy your creations, and these can be specialists such as merchants or wizards which will certainly be of good use to you.

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In the world, all terrains are available depending on how far you travel, rock, sand, jungle and even snow; it’s all here which the world also scrolls downwards with caves to explore and mines. It keeps you interested to see more to find a huge assortment of loot that could be useful. We have to appreciate here that, even though it’s a straight Minecraft clone, it is quite unique with regards to a simpler interface thanks to the visual direction. It looks like a long lost Super Nintendo game as the 16bit graphics are instantly noticeable.


Terraria is 2D Minecraft although the unique 2d 16bit graphics do look more attractive than Minecrafts blocks. There’s a plethora of creative opportunities on offer here and the creative ones among you will be hooked although for most modern gamers, you won’t like the retro style and lack of animation or any kind of fast paced action because there isn’t any. Its one for the artists. I score Terraria 3/5.

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Developers: Re-Logic

Publishers: 505 games

Playstation Vita





Windows Phone


Genre: Action adventure

Release date:13th December 2013 (vita)

Story – N/A

Graphics – 3/5

Gameplay – 5/5

Overall – 3/5