Game Review: Batman Arkham Origins

Rocksteady have passed the baton to new developers Warner Bros Montreal and have successfully expanded the Arkham series of Batman games to bring us Batman Arkham Origins published by Warner Bros Interactive.

It felt good being in control of one of the most famous superheroes once again soaring around an expanded game world, beating up bad guys and hunting down some of his most infamous foes.

The most concerning thing for me was the frame rate, playing for a prolonged time period caused the game to gradually stutter to the point of being almost unplayable making me turn the game off, this has to be patched as soon as possible as this really bogged the whole experience down for me. Visually though, Gotham City looks the very same as it did in Arkham City (remember Arkham was a cordoned off section of it) however now there is a newly added island joining onto it by a ridiculously long bridge which the game makes you cross more often than id have liked.

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The new Gotham is by no means a huge playground for Batman to play in but it is eerily quiet. Other than goons and cops, there is no one around. I mean Arkham City had a reason for this but this is meant to be Gotham. Texture popping plagues Origins too on its environments but the characters look just as good as they have done since Arkham Asylum.

The challenge maps remain to keep you busy after you have finished the story and if you preordered the game, you will be able to play as Deathstroke who has his very own unique move set. Origins introduces multiplayer for the first time which pits two players who control Batman and Robin


Arkham Origins brings Batman back to doing what he does best however his cape is constantly being tugged on due to terrible frame rate drops and rough texture filtering however gameplay wise, Origins is fast paced and exciting and tells one of the most infamous stories quite well. It’s not the best title in the series technically but it’s a worthy addition and it’s worth a playthrough.

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Story – 4/5

Gameplay – 5/5

Graphics – 3/5

Overall – 3.5/5

Written by Ian Cooper