DJ Nadia's First Date with record label

Head-spinning's not just in the club for this Padiham DJ - she's dizzy with excitement for the launch of her upcoming record and TV appearance on a hit dating show.

By The Newsroom
Friday, 19th May 2017, 4:22 pm
Updated Sunday, 4th June 2017, 9:45 pm
DJ Nadia Lucy is looking forward to both the drop of her new record and TV appearance of a hit dating show. (s)
DJ Nadia Lucy is looking forward to both the drop of her new record and TV appearance of a hit dating show. (s)

Smashing her way through the music industry, Nadia Lucy has landed a record deal with Trouvè Grooves in only her second year on the dance scene.

“I am extremely blessed - being on the same EP with some of the biggest names in the industry right now just feels incredible,” she said. “It is bringing in huge support from DJs Richy Ahmed, Oliver Helden and Tough Love, and for an up-and-coming DJ, that is insane!”

The former pupil of St Hilda’s RC Girls’ High School is importing sunshine vibes straight from Ibiza with her new track, Forward.

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“A full season in Ibiza was one of my fondest memories: I had no worries, the sun was shining and music was playing. I wanted to give my listeners a feel of it: an uplifting beat with a feel-good vibe.”

The party island might have shifted her focus to house but her passion for music began with the King of Pop.

“I have always listened to music that brings the crowd together and allows people to make great memories. As a child I listened to Michael Jackson. I remember writing lyrics to Billy Jean because I loved the beat. He is such a massive icon. Hopefully one day my music will inspire people the way he did.”

Throwing tradition into a spin, the 27 year-old is working her way up towards an elite group paving the way for women in dance music.

“When I first became a DJ, I remember watching female DJs in Ibiza, such as Annie Mac, Hannah Wants and Sam Divine - their music and talent is unreal. I like to support other female DJs, as I think it is really important in such a male-dominant industry.”

Her positive attitude and drive has no doubt landed her respect and support: following an apprenticeship under DJ Chester, she’s worked alongside Hott Like Detroit and played at some of the biggest festivals in the world.

“I’m on the sampler, Road to Evissa, with Pirate Copy, Demarzo, Acid Kids, Hott Like Detroit and Burnley’s very own Vibe Killers, who are smashing it at the moment, having their records played worldwide by the biggest DJs.”

Her new record is likewise making waves, having premiered on Gaydio FM - the world’s largest gay radio station - where it’s enjoyed generous airtime on Damon Hess’ show.

And on Tuesday, May 30th, at 10pm, Nadia will make her TV appearance on Channel 4’s First Dates.

“I was on a night out with friends and one of them dared me to go on the show. I didn’t realise it would actually be televised but at least I’m not the one eating my words.

“The concept behind the show is amazing: regardless of age, sex or sexuality, there is a chance for anyone to find someone. Even if it ends up just being another friend. I think it is a great idea.”

Set to also complete a mini mix and interview on Hess’ show, it seems Nadia has no plans to slow down - rather, she’s pulsing her way to the top.

Forward will drop on Thursday, June 8th via Beatport.