Burnley company helps write your life story

A Burnley story writing company has unveiled a new service to help people celebrate their lives through their life stories and the medium of the written word.

Unfolded Tale offers a bespoke life story-writing service.
Unfolded Tale offers a bespoke life story-writing service.

Unfolded Tale Ltd, based on Hammond Drive in Read, offers people the chance to reflect on a person’s achievements or adventures through a complete life story-writing service.

A special way to leave a message for the next generation, Unfolded Tale spends time with the author, with photographs and illustrations included in a bespoke book, with the author given copies for family or friends.

Director Sam Bruce said: “People say they don’t have enough to say but their memories soon start flowing if they are comfortable and asked the right questions. They feel more confident. I plan the interview questions to ensure that their book has balance and is compelling to read.”

While writing a book is often something the people mean to do at some point, Unfolded Tale allows people to create a compelling account that is true to the author’s voice, while the company manages the whole project.

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    No exclusive to the elderly, the service is a wonderful way to reflect on a working life or a relationship, with Sam's ‘two-books-in-one’ model capturing each partner’s life up to the point of their marriage, making a wonderful wedding present that lasts.

    “Unfolded Tale is about honouring lives," said Sam. "An experienced designer helps to layout the illustrations and text and the final book is professionally printed."

    If you would like help to write your life story then get in touch with Sam on: 07982 807 231 or email: [email protected]