Bruce Springsteen tribute to rock Clitheroe's Grand Theatre ahead of superstar's 70th birthday

Bruce Springsteen turns 70 next month.

The Sound of Springsteen: The Story will be performed at Clitheroe's Grand Theatre ahead of the superstar's 70th birthday.
The Sound of Springsteen: The Story will be performed at Clitheroe's Grand Theatre ahead of the superstar's 70th birthday.

And his sixties have been marked by a dazzling run of creative triumph for the famous American singer they call The Boss.

Now a must-see tribute show – The Sound of Springsteen: The Story – arrives in Clitheroe days before Springsteen’s milestone birthday.

“They will be playing Bruce Springsteen’s songs 100 years from now because he has such a wide-ranging public appeal,” said the Sound of Springsteen’s leader Sam Confrey.

“Springsteen’s music, I have no doubt, is as influential as The Beatles and The Rolling Stones, and his work will always stand the test of time.

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    “Those classics: Born in the USA, Long Walk Home, Born to Run, and Streets of Philadelphia are killer songs.

    “And Springsteen is loved, not only for his musical genius, but for his common touch.

    “He had a tough, working-class upbringing, so people can relate to that because he speaks the language of the streets.”

    The Springsteen copyists, with a talented eight-piece band in tow, cover every era of Springsteen’s career and have already won over the hearts of music lovers nationwide.


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    “I’m a huge Springsteen fan, having seen him live several times, and it is an incredible honour to sing his music,” added Sam.

    “When Springsteen performs, often he is on stage for three hours, you see how much energy he puts into the shows, and you marvel at the spirit of the man.”

    Sam, who cut his teeth performing in an Eagles tribute act before creating his new role as The Boss, adds: “Songs like Human Touch and Murder Incorporated are great fun to play, but my favourite is Jungleland, the closing track on the Born to Run album.

    “That song has an epic sound, and to be able to pull that off is hard because it is a tough one to re-create.


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    “There’s slow and fast beats, and that epic sax solo by the E Street saxophonist Clarence Clemens makes the hair stand up on your neck.”

    Springsteen’s most recent work, Western Stars and his 19th studio album, is the first without the E Street Band for several years.

    “We’ve had some fantastic feedback from the few shows we’ve done, and along the way we’ve re-discovered a lot of his early work, so there will be a few surprises in the set.”

    The Sound of Springsteen: The Story, Grand Theatre, Clitheroe, September 14, 01200 421599,