VIDEO: Malkin Pie created to mark Pendle Witch Trials anniversary

A SABDEN deli has cooked up a novel way of marking the 400th anniversary of the Pendle Witch Trials.

Keith and Christine Turner, who run San-witches in the village, have created a special pie based around the history of witchcraft in Pendle.

The couple dreamed up Malkin Pie which is made from the same ingredients the witches ate on their Good Friday feast at Malkin Tower four centuries ago.

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The pie, which has been launched from the shop, will feature on a Channel 4 documentary to be aired in May.

Christine (59) said they had been delving into local folklore to replicate the food eaten at the feast of Malkin Tower in April 1612.

The history books say one of the witches, James Device, stole a sheep from a neighbour, and the group feasted on mutton, beef, bacon and dumplings.

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Christine said: “We have done a lot of research into this. We have been playing with the recipe to get it exactly right.

“It is a big part of folklore round here.

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“The recipe we made has beef and lamb, herbs and spices, bacon and pulses for the filling.

“They would have had suet dumplings with herbs, so we made our own version of Wicca dumplings for the top of the pie.

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“It is pretty close to what the witches would have eaten at the feast of Malkin Tower.”

Since the launch at the shop in Whalley Road, the pie has proved a hit with customers.

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Keith said: “It has gone really well.

“Lots of people have been coming in. The customers are absolutely delighted with it.

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“We have sold twice as much as we would on a normal day.

“We don’t know of anywhere else that is doing anything quite like this.

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“It will even feature as part of a national TV programme.

“It should put us on the map.”

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The couple are planning to invite the whole village to a celebration at the shop on the exact day of the 400th anniversary of the feast.

Locals, staff and customers will dress up as witches, enjoy festivities and try some Malkin Pie from noon on April 10th.