LETTER: Trying to trace my family history in Burnley and Barrowford

I RECENTLY found out Burnley had published its burial records on the internet and have been using them to trace my family history.

Saturday, 4th June 2011, 3:22 pm

I am trying to trace any living descendents of John William Price born in Barrowford on April 3rd, 1870 to Jane Shaw born in Skerton in 1840 and Edward Price.

In 1871, John William lived in Old Row, Barrowford, with his mother and sisters, Jane Esther, born around 1868, in Buckley, North Wales, and Mary, born 1864, in Wallasey.

In 1881, John William was in the Burnley workhouse; his mother appeared to have died in the workhouse in 1874 and is buried in a public grave in Burnley cemetery.

In 1881, sister Mary was lodging in Barrowford and working in the cotton mills, Jane Esther was living with a possible grandparent in Manchester.

According to the 1891 and 1901 Censuses, John William was a coal miner and married Sarah Elizabeth (possibly Crossley) and had the following children all born in Burnley: Sarah Ellen born about 1892, James born about 1894 who may have died in 1971, Rose(y) Ann born about 1897 and John William born about 1900 who may have died in 1936.

I think John William senior died in 1957 at 20 Dent Row and is buried in Burnley cemetery.

Mary is my great-grandmother and we would like to find out more about her missing siblings and if any living relations can shed any more light on how they ended up in the workhouse.

We will be visiting Yorkshire in July and would love to get in touch with anyone descended from John William sen. We now have quite a lot of information about Jane Shaw which we would like to share with any descendents of John William.