Historic pub ghost is caught on camera - PHOTO

Pub staff turned ghost hunters who staged a sleepover in a historic village inn got more than they bargained for when things began to go bump in the night!

The Lower Buck Inn, Waddington, has been the centre of village life since it was built in 1760.

Tales of ghostly happenings have become folklore in the village. So much so that a group of staff members decided to investigate for themselves, raising money in the process for the North West Ambulance Service.

Jenny Barnsley, Chloé Hartshorn. Lucy Knowles, Gemma Tithe and Hannah Blanc closed up the pub as usual at closing time and got ready for their sponsored sleep-in. They were shocked when, shortly afterwards, one of the girls saw a ghostly figure in the front bar.

Jenny, who works behind the bar explained: “We decided to have a sleepover and seance to find out for ourselves if the pub really is haunted as everyone says. First, we lit candles and asked if anyone was present and we immediately heard scratching and banging noises coming from upstairs. Chloé then saw a man in the doorway of the front bar and shortly afterwards, we took a picture as the room had gone cold. We were amazed to see what looked like separate images of a man and a girl in two different pictures.”


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Landlord Andrew Warburton has long had the feeling he’s not alone behind the bar: “A pub this old is bound to have its history ingrained within the walls. Generations of locals and visitors have celebrated and commiserated here and it has a lovely warm feeling about the place. If there are any ghosts here, I think they’re definitely of the friendly variety!”

The ghostly goings-on have provided a great talking point in the pub and £300 was raised by the girls for their chosen cause, so it looks like Andrew might be right – these ghosts are definitely well meaning and generous in spirit!