Clarets Creative exhibition to go on show at Towneley Hall

Over the last year, Heritage Lottery funded project Clarets Creative has been gathering stories, pictures, photos and beer mats from Burnley fans.

Now, as the project enters its final phase and is preparing to exhibit items at Towneley Hall, Clarets fans are again being called upon to lend a hand. The stories, pictures and objects that have been made as part of the project will be a central part of the exhibition and are something local fans can be proud of. But it is not too late to get involved. If you have a lucky hat or an object from the past, such as a programme or a rattle, that you are prepared to loan to the exhibition, the Clarets Creative team would like to hear from you. Also you might have a painting or photo that expresses your own piece of clarets history such as this photo from May 25th 2009. If you would like to add anything to the exhibition, please let us know!

Iain Broadley, from Lancashire Care NHS Trust, explains how the project has helped create pride and bring people together. “The Clarets Creative project has been about recognising how important football is to Burnley. Being a Claret is like a thread that runs through the lives of those of us who are Burnley fans. It ties together important events in our lives and leads us to be able to talk about social contacts, first jobs or things that have happened in our families. As we have worked together in groups, the project has also tried to show how creativity is an important tool for maintaining well-being, retaining memories and improving skills such as literacy.”

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The exhibition runs from September 24th to December 23rd at Towneley Hall. An artist in residence will be collecting stories and working with groups on Sundays, from 2 to 4 p.m. If you have objects or photos you would like to loan, or if you would like to help put the exhibition together, contact Janet Swan on 01282 414287.

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