Can you help solve Barley signs mystery?

SIGNS on a shed near Barley have been there for at least half a century and one man is intrigued to know what they mean.

Pendle man Mr Arthur Bickerstaffe photographed the wooden structure on Barley New Road, which stretches between Barley itself and Roughlee.

And he said: “On Barley New Road you come to a garage-like shed, overlooking Narrowgates. On the door of that shed - or garage - are two identical symbols which have puzzled me for years - and I do mean years.

“I guess I must have known them from as early as the 1950s or even before. The same symbol used to be on the doors of Higherford Mill but have long since been painted over.

“They are crudely painted and don’t appear to be official in any way. There is probably a simple and very obvious story behind them but in all my long years I have never found anyone who knows what the symbol represents.

“I suppose it could be as simple as a campaign slogan for the late Sydney Silverman - past MP for Nelson and Colne - but please can someone put me out of my misery and tell me what the symbol stands for!”

If you know the answer, you can ring the newspaper on 01282 612561 or email [email protected]