VIDEO: Burnley’s handball star Holly Lam-Moores is ready for the Olympics

BURNLEY-BORN handball star Holly Lam-Moores is getting ready to perform on the grandest sporting stage of them all - the Olympics.

In just a few months time Holly will represent the Great Britain handball team at London 2012.

Holly Lam-Moores

Holly Lam-Moores

The 21-year-old started playing the sport when she was just 12 and has already forged a successul career, playing over in Denmark.

Her focus for now though is purely on London 2012 and what should prove to be the experience of a lifetime.

“We’re not expecting to go to Olympics and win any medals because we are obviously behind the other teams in terms of how long the sport has been going for in this country,” she said. “We want to put in good performances though and try and win as many matches as we can.

“The idea for us is to use the Olympics to create a handball legacy here in the UK. With the coverage we will get through London 2012, it is important the British Handball Association has everything in place afterwards to deal with the sudden demand, and we want to help as much as possible.”