Unlucky Burnley lose out to Rossendale Raptors

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BURNLEY lost out to Rossendale Raptors by two points after overtime in an exciting game in the LBA Under 16 Summer League.

Rossendale started strongly and by half-time had opened up a 15-point lead.

Both coaches were running their benches, and slowly Burnley worked their way back into the game.

With just over a minute left on the clock, Burnley had opened up a five-point lead, but, as the game became frantic, with chances missed at both ends, Rossendale got back to within a point as the last seconds ticked away.

Rossendale forward Ash Smith drove to the basket and shot as the buzzer sounded.

He missed, but a foul was called and he went to the line in front of the Burnley bench with two shots to win the game.

His first missed, and with the game hanging on his one remaining shot, he composed himself and scored the point to take the game into overtime.

Overtime was fast and frantic, with Rossendale pulling out a two-point lead as the clock ticked down.

Coach Minozzi called a time out and Rossendale set out to make sure that Burnley couldn’t get a shot off.

Burnley worked the ball around, and with two seconds left they worked an uncontested three-point shot which hit the rim, and much to the delight of the Rossendale squad, missed.

Both coaches were delighted of their team performance and Coach Minozzi said: “I just saw my team put in their best performance ever, we played like never before, composed when behind and with a team spirit second to none.

“I was mightily impressed with the overall quality of what we did on court and with the fighting spirit that we had.

“We were 15 points behind but we never stopped to believe that we could win, we play every single ball like the last ball of the match and, at the end, we lost a game that could have gone either way.”

Sam Snape once again was the star of the show with 22 points, followed by Elliott Morton with 13. And the hard work that Tom Fairbairn and Alex Hall put in in defence meant they were able to stop Rossendale several times at the start of the third quarter.

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