Two bowls events on Bank Holiday Monday!

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THE St Andrew’s Classic 32 Invitational competition is held on Monday from 10 a.m.

The draw is: I. Nicholson v P. Bailey; S. Coupe v G. Gwillam; R. Nicholson v J. Copeland; R. Hitchen v M. Holden; M. Bower v G. Hickey; A. Cairns v M. Gilpin; G. Cookson v W. Ditchfield; D. Griffiths v C. Mordue; J. Taylor v S. Fisher; C. Wraight v K. Wainwright; I. Booth v L. Lawton; C. Armitage v G. Ellis; M. Gillies v C. Brown; S. Mort) v A. Buckley; M. Leach v C. Kelly; R. Clark v D. Scott.

• THE Heatherlea Mixed Doubles will be held at Queensgate Bowling Club on Monday.

The draw is: 10 a.m. - T. and R. Cross v J. and J. Sharples; D. and P. Ashworth v A. and S. Pickup; T. Williams and partner v C. Sharples and M. Rowe; B. Smith and L. Harrison v L. Spokes and B. Blackburn; J. and J. Fothergill v P. Makinson and partner; D. Gillespie and A. Harrison v P. Heywood and F. Kershaw; J.E. Eccles and R. Robinson v M. and J. Harrison; P. Avril and partner v J. and J. Eccles; 11-30 a.m. - D. Jowett and K. Green v V. O’Donnell and E. Pye; P. and M. Wadge v P. and C. Watson; K. Lockwood and P. Hawke v P. Parkinson and A. Sowerbutts; K. and I. Charnock v F. and S. Roberts; T. and S. Chapman v L. Sharples and partner; Mr and Mrs Waddington v K. Gillespie and D. Walker; C. Livesey and partner v T. Anderson and C. Fitzgerald; S. Holmes and B. Gaskill v S. Moorhouse and P. Wellman.

• SECRETARIES and delegates in the Tuesday League, District League and the Midweek League should note that secretary Roy Butterfield has changed telephone numbers to 01282 789595.

Roy can also be contacted via e-mail at