Three in a row for impressive Burnley Tornados

Burnley Tornados
Burnley Tornados

BURNLEY Tornados travelled to Chester Le Street for their third tournament of the season.

First up, the Tornados were up against the undefeated Woodham Warriors. After winning the toss the Tornados were quickly 6-0 up after QB Jake Peppiate threw the ball into the hands of Lewis Clark.

After the defence held the Warriors back, the Tornados offence came out and scored again with Matty Brammer making a catch in the endzone.

Woodham rallied and scored a touchdown but again Burnley replied with Phil Robins making a powering run into the endzone and Lewis Clarke securing the extra points to take the Tornados into the half at 20-6. Burnley ended up victorious with a 26-6 win It was only three years ago when the Tornados were a rookie team that Woodham beat them 61-0

Burnley went into their second game against the rookie team, and hosts, DC Presidents. Patrick Berkins ran with the ball to make his first touchdown of the season. However Burnley’s lead was short lived as the Tornados defence took their eye off the ball and the Presidents levelled the game. Again Berkins stepped up and ran with the ball for his second touchdown, with Andy Hawkes completing the extra points, leaving Burnley with a lead of 18-6 at the half.

The second half went all the Tornados way with the defence able to stop the Presidents, especially Xavier Sutcliffe who managed two important knockdowns, returning the ball to the Tornados offence.

Jake Peppiate, who was celebrating his 17th birthday, grew in self-belief and was able to pass the ball into the ever safe hands of Matty Brammer for two more touchdowns, finishing the game at 30 points to 6.

Following a short break, plenty of liquids and some rest in the shade the Tornados were ready to face the Romans for the third time this season, hoping for their third victory against them.

The defence were on the field first and after a few missed tackles the Romans were able to score , taking them into the lead at 0-8. However, Matty Brammer once more got onto the scorecard with his third touchdown of the day and Andy Hawkes completed the extra points to bring the game level.

Both Xavier Sutcliffe and Matty Brammer intercepted the Romans ball, returning it for 10yards and 32 yards respectively, helping the Tornados score a further 14 points in the half thanks to catches by Phil Robins.

The second half went all the Tornados way with Andy Hawkes completing his 1,000 yards for the season, culminating in a touchdown.

The Tornados finsihed up comfortable 36-14 victors.

The MVP was awarded Xavier Sutcliffe, a second went to Phil Robins and a third to Patrick Berkins.

These three wins now make Burnley Tornados top of the Northern conference, needing only one win from the next tournament in Chorley, in two weeks time, to guarantee a place in the Brit Bowl final.

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