Successful students pass their quarterly grading

Successful students
Successful students
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Local martial arts club Jakeun Bal Taekwondo held their quarterly grading event recently.

Successful students promoted on the day were Alison Slater 6th Kup, Arron Thompson 8th Kup, Ilsa Ahmad 2nd Kup, Iman Chaudhry 7th Kup, India Whelan 5th Kup, Jenny Jackson 6th Kup, John Cork 6th Kup, Kian Cork 6th Kup, Lauren Trimmer 9th Kup, Lois Page 7th Kup, Luke Wiggett 6th Kup, Melissa Shanley 9th Kup, Phil Hartup 4th Kup, Ross Bowes 5th Kup, Theo Holden 9th Kup, Thomas Ashworth 6th Kup, William Slater 3rd Kup, Zuzanna Kida 6th Kup.

For details of classes at Pendle Wavelengths in Nelson, the Vincent Farrell Community Centre in Burnley and Crow Wood Leisure in Burnley, contact the centres or instructor Debra on 07813 909197 or