‘Smokin’ Joe is on fire!

'Smokin'' Joe Crawford's hand is raised as the winner
'Smokin'' Joe Crawford's hand is raised as the winner

Burnley’s Sandygate Amateur Boxing Club’s young starlet “Smokin’” Joe Crawford had the honour of the club’s first bout of the season.

The 12-year-old North West Minors champion was pitted against Irishman T.Monaghan (Thurles BC) at the Poplar Club, Accrington.

With both boys winning regional titles last year in there respective countries, it was built up to be a explosive encounter, and the sell-out crowd was not disappointed.

From the opening bell, Ighten Hill’s Crawford took control, rolling under the protruding gloved arm of Monaghan, countering with ease.

The second two-minute round saw the St Christophers Year 8 pupil feint and tease his opponent, allowing him to counter with a solid rear hand, returning to the body with precision.

The final round once again saw Crawford score with switches and phases of attack, capitalising on errors as it became quite a one-sided contest, having his arm raised aloft by the referee.

Anyone interested in joining the Hargreaves Street boxing club can via www.sandygateabc.com