Shayne Singleton shines in Bolton

Tongues must surely be wagging now!

And if they’re not, why? Anybody who witnessed Shayne Singleton’s latest title triumph - and has a modicum of knowledge about boxing - will acknowledge that the 25-year-old is a serious contender in the 147lb division.

Shayne Singleton v Steve Jevons - De Vere Whites, Macron Stadium, Bolton

Shayne Singleton v Steve Jevons - De Vere Whites, Macron Stadium, Bolton

Fight fans at the Macron Stadium’s De Vere Whites witnessed Singleton’s most explosive performance to date - and it simply blew the previously unbeaten Steve Jevons away.

In the safety of the venue’s wings, after seeing his hopes of landing the British Masters Silver strap dashed inside Horwich’s version of the Coliseum, a bewildered and disorientated Jevons was still trying to comprehend the sheer power and precision of his opponent’s display.

A 6ft southpaw certainly posed a challenge for the International Masters light-welterweight and the WBC International Silver welterweight champion. But we saw yet another string to Singleton’s bow.

Evolving from an almost habitual nature of popping and moving on the back foot, Karl Ince’s student proved calculated, methodical and economical as the aggressor. Only in over-exuberant flurries did Singleton ever waste a shot.

Shayne Singleton v Steve Jevons - De Vere Whites, Macron Stadium, Bolton

Shayne Singleton v Steve Jevons - De Vere Whites, Macron Stadium, Bolton

Curtis Woodhouses’s conqueror as English supremo was dominant when forcing the initiative and when inviting Jevons to step on. A twist of the upper body, a turn of the head, and a pivot of the feet led to thunderous body shots that were accompanied by devastating left hooks over his foe’s guard. Three, four, five shot combinations grew to be the norm and Jevons was literally saved by the bell in the second round when being pummeled against the ropes.

However, there would be no salvation for the 26-year-old Derbyshire based fighter as his corner was forced to throw in the towel 81 seconds in to the third round. A wonderfully executed screw shot set the platform for a grandstand finale, two thumping right hands followed that rocked the head of Jevons, before the assault ensued.

“This feels great because he was unbeaten, it was his first title fight and he wanted to win,” he said. “It was like when I wanted my first belt when I was fighting for my International Masters title. That’s what made it a better fight and that’s what brought out the best in me. It was great and it was up there in my career so far.

“I love fighting southpaws; I can work my stuff on them. I felt great in there, I felt sharp, and because he kept stepping forward trying to win it he was leaving himself open and I picked my punches lovely.”

Singleton added: “I did what I wanted to do really - I made a statement by stopping him. That’s another stoppage on my record against an unbeaten lad which makes it that bit better for me.

“I like to fight like that. If you see me in the gym when I’m training or sparring that’s how I work. It’s 100mph, putting everything in. When I get in the ring to fight we add a gameplan - whether it’s fighting on the back foot and popping and moving which is what I’ve done in the majority of my fights.

“That’s definitely the best I’ve executed a gameplan. I’ve shown that I’m not just a back foot fighter that can just pop and move and use my jab. I pushed him back and got in close and I brought him on to me and got stuck in when he missed. The gameplan worked a treat and I’m happy that I got that stoppage.”

Singleton will make his 19th career appearance at Victoria Warehouse on October 18th for the ‘Manchester Sound’ show.

Anybody wishing to purchase tickets can contact Shayne on 07857 476485.