Sandygate fighters star at Manchester show

Joe Knight
Joe Knight
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Sandygate Amateur Boxing Club were in action on the Fox ABC home show in Moston, Manchester.

North West ABA Senior light welterweight champion, Joe Knight, 20, faced a home boxer J.Bulger in a bout of three three-minute rounds.

The first saw Knight demonstrate why he is so highly thought of, keeping centre and pushing the fit Bulger onto the back foot throughout, catching him on the counter and working well on the inside.

The second saw the Sandygate boxer up his work rate, switching his attack with ease. The third and final was Knight’s best, as his superb fitness came to the fore, connecting well, rolling under the rigid lead, hooking Bulger’s body with sickening power then switching to the head.

It was no surprise when Knight was handed the points victory.

Meanwhile, Will ‘Bad-Boy’ Smith (15) stopped S. Mohammad (Fox ABC) in a contest of three two-minute rounds.

The first was a tepid affair, with the taller Smith keeping centre. The second saw a more confident Smith come out, using his reach advantage to good effect, his range-finding lead hand dropped the tight guard of Mohammad, allowing his ram-rod of a rear to connect with devastating accuracy.

In the third, straight from the bell Smith unleashed a barrage of long, straight hands, and after one such attack, the man-in-the-middle had no option but to administer a standing eight count .

As soon as the referee restarted the contest, Smith unloaded punch after punch and the referee had no choice but to end the fight.

Brett Windle (15) narrowly lost out by a point to Wiliam Crolla (Fox ABC), younger brother to British champion Anthony in a cracking affair.

The club stages its annual dinner show tonight at the Fence Gate Inn.

Anyone interested in joining the club can find details on