Padiham boxer strikes twice in a week

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BOXING protégé Brandon Hartley has once again shown off his undoubted talent with two wins in just seven days.

The Sandygate ABC boxer (15) recorded a cracking victory in a Morecombe WMC last week and was back in the ring a week later at the Prestigious Middleton Arena, Manchester, were he faced off against home favourite, 16-year-old K. Fletcher.

The opening round was a slow burning affair with both young boxers feeling each other out, feinting and drawing as Hartley gauged his more experienced and older opponent.

A penetrating rear hand to the head hit the mark on a few occasions scoring well for the Padiham Power Station.

The second saw young Brandon come out with much more tempo as flurries of combinations penetrated the Mancunian’s tight defences and great ring craft saw him finish the round well.

The third and final two-minute round was a crowd pleaser as both pugilistic participants went all out for the win, with the Padiham puncher coming out on top with a unanimous victory once again.

“Two wins in two starts. It’s no wonder the club awarded him the ‘Most Improved Boxer’ award at this year’s awards bash,” beamed coach Nik Tucker

“The hard graft he puts in is really paying off and to go away from home and win in such style is excellent”.

Anyone interested in taking up the boxing can contact club coaches, Nik Tucker (07855505719) and Andy Howcroft (07866073353) or the website