Medals galore for Black Knights in Birmingham

Burnley's Black Knights
Burnley's Black Knights
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Burnley’s Black Knights came away with an impressive medal haul from the ICO British Championships in Birmingham.

A squad of 14 was on duty at the Cocks Moors Woods Leisure Centre, with juniors from seven up to a 50-year-old senior, many competing for the first time.

Jay Hawthornthwaite, 8, won bronze medal in the under 12 Continuous Kickboxing, while Riona Hartley, 12, won gold, also in Continuous Kickboxing, and silver in Sub/Strikes.

Ewan Hartley, 14, took silver in Continuous Kickboxing and Sub/Strike, and Tabitha Connolly, 13, won silver in Continuous Kickboxing in a tough final against a 15-year-old, more experienced opponent.

Ryan Marsden, 15 won gold in the Sub/Strike and silver in Continuous Kickboxing, while Louis Gervaise, 13, in his first competition, giving away 4kg, won a hard-earned silver in Continuous Kickboxing.

Jameel Saddique, 12, also won gold in the Sub/Strike.

Jackson Palmer, Charlie Palmer, George Connolly and Kyen Tabbalat all gave 100% and received a certificate of courage.

Senior Stuart Gervaise, 50, won gold in Continuous Kickboxing in what must have been the final of the day, and bronze in Points Kickboxing.

Carl Jane, 31, won gold in the 65kg Full Contact, suffering a broken nose for his troubles.

Jordan Dobbie, 24, took silver in the 75kg Full Contact, stopped in the second round by a very fast and highly-skilled fighter.

Special thanks goes to Paul Marsden for his help in the corner, and all those who supported Black Knights on the day.

Allan Clarkin said: “I have some very good youngsters at the club, and some will become great champions!”

Anyone interested in Kickboxing or Sambo can contact Allan on 07931635447.