Junaid is latest Burnley Thai Boxing king

Junaid Yousaf
Junaid Yousaf
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BURNLEY Thai Boxing Club’s Junaid Yousaf has become the latest title winner from the town’s very own home of champions.

The Year 8 student from Pendle Vale college was brutal in defeating Bradley Bowe from Liverpool on his way to becoming the Hammerton Street club’s 12th home-bred champion.

Junaid, 13, won each of the five rounds on all of the judges’ score cards with a series of leg kicks and knees which made the Liverpool lad grimace in pain from round one.

The brave Liverpool fighter never backed down, but Junaid showed his class and showed why he is the latest in a very long line of title holders who train out of Burnley Thai Boxing Club.

Junaid was very strong in the clinch right from the first bell, and used combinations of sweeps and off balancing which made way for the sharp knees to his opponent’s mid section.

Round two saw the Liverpool fighter begin to limp due to the ferocity of Junaid’s leg kicks, but to his credit young Bradley, also 13, withstood the relentless onslaught of strikes from Junaid.

Round three continued to be all about the Burnley fighter as more and more knees seemed to hit his opponent’s body and rounds four and five were no different.

Paul Murphy, Junaid’s trainer said of the bout: “What a fight!

“Both lads fought really really well and Bradley was a credit to himself and his club.

“He may be only 13 but he took a lot of punishment and showed some real guts.

“Junaid was absolutely brilliant though and showed that he can really fight.

“Obviously I know just how good he is, but the real test of a fighter is when they can produce against other tough guys who come to fight, and Junaid certainly answered all of those questions.

“I am very proud of the way he fought and the way in which he won.

“He is a great lad and helps me out with some of the younger kids, who now have another champion to look up to.”

Junaid is the younger brother of Shoaib Yousaf, 16, who only last month won the 60kg title himself.

Their other brother Mohammed, aged only seven, is also undefeated and will be looking to continue his own winning streak and one day become a champion like his big brothers.

Danny Derbyshire, himself a three-time champion and trainer down at the Burnley club said: “I have no doubt that all three brothers will continue with their respective unbeaten careers.

“They are so easy to coach as they are so polite and respectful.

“They listen really well and never question anything you say, which I guess is a credit to the way they’ve been brought up.”

All three boys will once again be in action in July, but first up will be Charlotte Derbyshire, who will be making her debut in Manchester on July 1st.

Five-time champ Adam Windle is also looking to compete in July and the club will be attempting to get the young Unity College pupil European opposition due to his domestic success.

Anyone wanting tickets to Charlotte’s debut fight can call Paul Murphy on 07810453960.